French cuffs, a unique detail for sheer refinement

Cufflink shirt cuffs, also called French or double cuffs, have always been the symbol of total elegance and refinement. Perfect for important formal occasions.

It’s a cuff that’s twice the height of a standard version, which folds over on itself and has buttonholes for adding cufflinks. The initial reports of their use date back to the pre-Renaissance period, when the use of cufflinks became a fashion with English nobles, later spreading to France, to the Court of Versailles.

During the 19th century, cufflinks were very popular because shirt cuffs were very starched and stiff. In the 1980s, top stylists brought back cufflinks for formal wear that was smart but relaxed.

If you like a shirt with cufflinks, go for it! It’s ideal for an important ceremony, but also for work with an extra touch of class.


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In addition to the classic French cuff, Apposta offers the "dual cuff": practical, simple, unobtrusive, and recommended for anyone who wants to wear the same shirt with cufflinks on formal occasions or with buttons at other times. See how it works the double cuff (video).

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Neronote becomes Apposta

We are pleased to announce that we are changing our name. We have been searching long and hard to find a new name that represents our core values of quality and service.

That name is Apposta

Apposta (apˈpɔsta)
Italian, adverb
a. specially, on purpose
b. intentionally