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We Create High-Quality Shirts That Are Made In Italy

With over 100 years of experience in Italian shirtmaking at our disposal and access to some of the world’s best fabric suppliers, our corporate services department is able to facilitate the production of high-quality, personalised Italian-made shirts for a large variety of needs and purposes.

We Create Custom Shirts For Businesses

By using our corporate services facility, you can order custom-made shirts for your business which are as specific or standardised as your needs dictate. Whether you’re in search of branded shirts as part of a uniform or would like to provide bespoke shirts as part of a gifting programme, our flexible service means that we can meet a diverse range of needs.

We Make Any Number Of Custom Shirts When You Need Them

We create shirts from scratch on request. We have the flexibility to manufacture shirts to match your specific volume requirements and can create shirts individually when needed. There is no need to keep an inventory or purchase excess items as we save your order files and measurement details so that shirts can easily be reordered at a later date with just one click.

We Can Create Made To Measure And Standard Size Shirts

Alongside standard shirt sizes, we are able to create individual made-to-measure shirts for each wearer’s unique body shape which we can manage through individual measurement profiles. Our online measurement process is extremely accurate. As a result we have one of lowest return rates in the industry, which attests to the reliability of our shirts’ fit.

Choose From A Large Range Of Options

The options you can select from are comprehensive. Shirts can be chosen from pre-existing styles on the website, they can be customised versions of pre-existing styles or they can be new creations which you have designed using our ‘create a shirt’ function.

We’re confident that our comprehensive online inventory of over 4,000 fabrics can meet your requirements. You’ll find an exhaustive variety of patterns, colours and materials on our website, with choices covering a large range of practical considerations such as suitability for different occasions and climates. If your needs are highly-specific, our shirtmaking experts will be able to source specialist fabrics.

Add Branding And Specialised Messaging

If you need shirts that carry branding or specialised messaging, we are able to add logos, printing and embroidery to shirts. We can also add branding to the packaging that shirts arrive in.

We Cater For All Kinds Of Businesses And Organisations

Our corporate services facility can create shirts for use as part of a uniform for:

  • Company teams
  • Hotel and restaurant staff
  • Orchestras
  • Musical bands
  • Sports teams
  • Events staff
  • Yacht crews
  • ... and many other professions and group activities.

Our service is also suitable for placing corporate gift orders.

We Offer Expert Advice

Our expertise in shirtmaking has been honed over four generations and means that we are able to guide and advise you on all matters pertaining to the creation of shirts. If you would like a consultation session, one of our shirtmaking experts will be able to answer any questions you have and can offer advice on shirt style and fabric as well as branding options and how we manage the corporate services process.

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