Black and red check shirt – Apposta

Fabric variations available
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Personalizations included

Shirt big checks blue
100% pure cotton denim double twisted
collar style low button-down collar
cuff two button

Customize this shirt

Add the monogram and the finishing touches to your shirt according to taste, at no extra cost.

Insert your measurements or size

You can buy the shirt in a standard size or made to measure – the price is the same.

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Shirt characteristics

  • Collar style
    Low button-down collar

  • Sleeve
    Long sleeve

  • Pocket
    1 angled pocket

  • Placket
    With placket

  • Fitting
    Regular close fitting

  • Style

  • Collar optionals
    Normal with removable stay

  • Cuff
    Two button

  • stitching

  • Button

  • Side stitching
    English stitching

  • Contrast finish


  • Coordinated handkerchief
    The pocket handkerchief is available in the same fabric.
    A stylish accessory for your jacket.

  • Replacement collar and cuffs
    Replacements are available to extend the life of your Apposta shirt. Your tailor can fit them, or you can ask us at Apposta.

Customer care

Customer service is at your side for all your needs.
Feel free to contact us for information, professional advice and assistance with your new Apposta.


Neronote becomes Apposta

We are pleased to announce that we are changing our name. We have been searching long and hard to find a new name that represents our core values of quality and service.

That name is Apposta

Apposta (apˈpɔsta)
Italian, adverb
a. specially, on purpose
b. intentionally