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Company information

Apposta Limited
30 Moorgate, London UK, EC2R 6DA
Company number 9797132
Registered in England
VAT number 225372716


Please read the general conditions below. These terms and conditions, which are subject to change, are applicable to all users and visitors of

1. Prices

We reserve the right to make changes regarding the price, description and/or availability of products without notice. Always check the latest prices before placing your order. In addition, we reserve the right to limit the quantity of any product which may be ordered.

2. Payments

You may choose from among the following payment options:

Payment by credit card or PayPal account occurs through the secure PayPal systems in real time. In both cases Apposta does not acquire any payment details (credit card details or PayPal code) of users.

The manufacturing of products commences as soon as we have received confirmation of your payment.

3. Products

We have made every effort to visualize, as accurately as possible, the colours and textures of the fabrics which appear on our website. However, the colours and textures which you effectively see will vary depending on your monitor settings and video card. Therefore we cannot guarantee that they will be faithfully visualized. Please also refer to the colours shown on the fabrics card.

All fabrics described as cotton are considered as being 100% cotton.

4. Measurements and styles

All our  garments are manufactured on the basis of the measurements and indications which you provided. You may choose from among the following options:
a) provide us with your body measurements;
b) provide us with the measurements of a shirt whose size you particularly like;
c) opt for a standard size.

a) In the first case, centimetres of fabric will be added depending on the type of fitting you have chosen. The accuracy of the measurements provided by you is obviously extremely important in terms of the final results. Please ensure that you have entered the correct data before placing your order.

b) If you decide to supply us with the measurements of a shirt which you already own, you will receive a shirt of identical size as the original. However, please note that we generally cannot guarantee that the style and cut will be identical. The shirt's appearance obviously depends also on the other stylistic elements which you chose.

c) The standard measurements refer to the collar size of the finished shirt. For example, if your neck circumference is 40 cm, widened by a couple of centimetres for comfort, then your size would be 42. Apposta's sizes, available from 37 to 49, refer to the average European body build.

Two shirts ordered at different times may vary slightly. This is because we are continuously committed to improve the style and the design of our shirts, which may therefore change over time concerning their particulars. But also because the same fabric colours may vary slightly, since modern dyeing techniques mean that different bolts of material may have slight variations in colour shades.

5.Customer Care

Our aim at Apposta is to ensure your complete satisfaction. If the shirt you have ordered proves defective, damaged or differs from your order, then Apposta shall replace it. Please read the information page relating to Apposta's customer service for further details.

6. Dispatch

All  our products are usually delivered to your residence within a maximum of three weeks. In the event of  particular circumstances (bank holidays, special events, transport delays, etc.) actual delivery may be delayed slightly.

7. Personal information

Your privacy is very important to us. We do not disclose any of your personal details to third parties. At any time, you may gain online access to modify any of your personal details which are in our possession.
Please read our Privacy Policy for additional information .