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Taking care of your Apposta shirt

We recommend washing your shirt after each use in order to avoid possible stains that could damage the fabric fibres. After the first few washes, the fabric and the stitchings may be subject to settlements. Apposta collars our shirts are 0,5 cm longer than a standard collar (e.g. the length of the collar of a 39 sized shirt will be 39,5 cm long).

It is generally recommended to wash your shirt by hand as it is easier to check each element. Shirts may be machine washed, but not at a temperature that exceeds 30/40°, as specified on the label. Prepare your wash by putting some washing powder on the most vulnerable parts of the shirts, such as the collar and the cuffs. Let it settle for a few minutes without brushing it in as this may affect the process.

We suggest using a neutral washing powder to avoid any potential irritations of the fabric over time. This can particularly affect the appearance of stripes especially on darker fabrics. For dark fabrics, we always recommend to use appropriate washing powders and turn the shirt inside out before putting it into the washing machine. After washing, the shirt should be hung on a clothes hanger: after this first drying stage remove the shirt from the hanger and start ironing it while it is still wet.


Ironing a shirt is not a simple procedure: to have your shirt properly ironed, start from the points of the collar and move to the center. First iron the inside of the collar band, then the outside of the collar band. Go on ironing the cuffs (the internal part first) and the sleeves.

Then place the shirt at the end of the ironing board to iron the shoulders, the back and the front.

Folding or hanging up

You can fold or hang up your shirt into the wardrobe If you wish, you can also place it into the wardrobe in some lavender bags, and your shirt will absorb a pleasant scent.