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How To Create A New Shirt

By creating a new shirt you can make a custom-made design which is personalised for your measurements and taste, with the perfect fit guaranteed. Our large variety of premium Italian fabrics allows you to choose from over 4,000 different colours, patterns and fabric types.

Once you’ve decided on your fabric you can customise features such as the collar, cuffs and sleeves before adding your own unique measurements. All customisations are included in the initial price of the fabric that you choose. Follow the below steps to create a new shirt.

Step 1: Choose The Fabric

Select from our inventory of over 4,000 premium Italian fabrics. Use the filter system to choose between different colours, patterns and fabric types.

Step 2: Choose The Sleeve

Choose either long or short sleeves.

Step 3: Choose The Cuff

Choose from nine different cuff styles depending on your needs.

Step 4: Choose The Pocket

Choose from four pocket styles which can be applied to either one or both sides of your shirt. Alternatively, you can forgo pockets altogether for a more formal look.

Step 5: Choose The Fit

Choose a fit to define your shirt’s overall silhouette. The fits range from comfortable to classic through to slim and will determine how your shirt lies against your natural body shape.

Step 6: Choose The Collar

Choose from 29 different collar styles depending on your required level of formality or face shape.

Step 7: Insert Measurements

Insert your measurements after following the instructions in our body measurements guide. Once inserted, your measurements will be saved as a measurement profile which you can select when making future orders.

Step 8: Complete Your Purchase

You have finished the process of making a shirt and may complete your purchase.


All Apposta shirts are made on request at our factory in Italy and are dispatched within two weeks of receipt of payment. If you are a registered user you can track the status of your order as it progresses.