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Shirts with Cotonificio Albini fabrics

The definitive Italian standard available in a variety of styles


Albini Group’s initial member, Albini, is one of Apposta’s definitive staples of our catalogue. With a rich history engrained in Italian heritage, we chose Albini as one of our partnerships due the high-quality fabrics it has produced for generations. Its selection of Italian styles offers Apposta customers a large variety, and new options twice a year.

Building a Brand

Albini was founded in 1876 in the district of Albino – a region highly recognised for its quality production of clothing fabrics. As the company grew in size and prestige, it collected more than 100 weaving looms for dozens of workers, all passionate and knowledgeable about fabric supplying. Now, four generations later, Albini acquired other fabric suppliers, Thomas Mason and David and John Anderson. Together, the three companies form Albini Group – a collection which each focus on different elements of fabric production.

True to its origin and heritage, Apposta appreciates its loyalty to traditional Italian fabrics and designs. Its eight factories across Europe employ more than 1,300 experts who research and create authentic materials exported worldwide.

Pride in Variety

Today, Albini Group supplies more than 20,000 materials and is now the largest European manufacturer of shirting fabrics. Albini has perfected the process of spinning – whereby professionals gather and compose many fibers into an elegant yarn – producing a unique fabric. Its variety of fabrics from this technique offers them the chance to produce high-quality yarns with different styles and purposes. Albini’s wide selection appeals to Apposta due to the ability to choose from both formal and casual fabrics.

Seasonal Updates

In addition to its authentic ‘Made in Italy’ quality and personality, Apposta works with Albini due to its commitment to providing customers with a new set of fabrics each season. The seasonal updates we offer our customers are mainly Albini fabrics.

Customer Delights: Piumino

One material we are particularly proud to hold in our catalogue is its Piumino fabric: made from the exclusive Egyptian Giza 87, it is one of the most sought after materials from our customers due to its silky touch and highly durable quality.


Our Partnership Continues

Apposta maintains a close relationship with Albini ensuring that our customers continue to have access to a wide variety of fabric options. It has publicly praised Apposta as an innovative and successful company and seeks our expert advice for its seasonal collections. Apposta is one of its biggest source of online purchases, and Albini works closely with us to ensure that passionate shirt wearers around the world receive access to only the finest and most authentic Italian fabrics.

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