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Shirts with band collar

Band collars are certainly for those who want to break away from tradition collar choices. Also known as Mao, Guru, or collarless collars, they create a unique look which differs from more conventional shirt options. These collars are not designed to be worn with a tie due to the lack of actual collar points.

Band collar

The band collar, also known as Mao collar was used in the past for more casual shirts such as long shirts or tunics due to its simple, clean lines. Today it is a popular choice on linen shirts, for a natural and casual style.
(collar band height 3.5cm)

Band collar without hole

Similar to the band collar, it is suitable for the man who wants to wear an open, undone neck. The absence of the button and buttonhole makes the neck cleaner and visually lighter.
(collar band height 3.5cm)

Angled band collar

The band collar version is slightly higher with a blunt neck strap. It is sophisticated and elegant – perfect for both formal and dress shirts.
(collar band height 4cm)

Open band collar

A sportier version of the band collar, this style is open at the front and is defined by its button placement, which is at the front placket rather than the collar band. It is easy to wear either buttoned or unbuttoned for a more casual style.
(collar band height 3cm)