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Shirts with button-down collar

This collar originated from polo players who wanted to remove the sides of their collar hitting their face when they played on a horse. Because of this tradition, the button-down collar is considered the most sporty and casual option for shirt wearers. Although it can be worn with a tie, this option can be used in both settings.

Button down collar

A medium height, button-down collar to be worn open, without a tie. Ideal for the most casual clothing, and check shirts.
Points length 8.8cm, back height 3.2cm, front height 2.6cm

Low button-down collar

A low button-down collar with very short points, suitable for those who follow fashion trends. It can also be worn with a slim tie.
Points length 7cm, back height 3.5cm, front height 2.8cm

High button down collar

A classic button-down collar to be worn open, without a tie. Suitable for striped and check shirts. It's an elegant choice when matched with plain coloured fabrics with formal cut suits.
Points length 9.3cm, back height 3.6cm, front height 2.8cm

Hidden button down collar

A button-down collar where the fastenings are concealed under the points of the collar. An ideal option for neat looks.
Points length 7.6cm, back height cm 3.4cm, front height cm 2.8cm

High button-down collar with 2 buttons

A high collar with two buttons, to be worn with Oxford or flannel shirts.
Points length 8.9cm, back height 4.4cm, front height 3.9cm