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Shirts with Canclini fabrics

The most popular Italian fabrics with endless possibilities


Canclini Tessile is one of the universally recognised fabric suppliers in Italy. Within Apposta, its popularity is mostly associated with how accessible the materials are to people from all backgrounds and the large variety of fabrics available. To date, its fabrics remain the largest majority of our catalogue and that provide customers with many different options to choose from.

A Family Led History

Founded in 1925, Canclini Tessile started primarily to become pioneers within the silk industry. As an elegant material, this helped instil a natural respect and care when handling fabrics for companies, including Dolce and Gabbana, Prada, and Giorgio Armani. A major turning point in its history was in the 1960s, when the family-led business expanded into cotton and other materials. They remain one of the most detailed and renowned fabric suppliers operating worldwide. Based in the Province of Como, the company is in a cultural hub of art, history, nature and quality.

Its presence in the renowned district adds to their knowledge and understanding when working hard to provide authentic Italian quality to shirt wearers.

Combining the classic with the contemporary

After extensive research into current trends and innovations from within the clothing industry, it prepares a portfolio of fabrics which reflect the desires of people around the world. Designs often include a mixture of classic and contemporary styles available in 800 fabrics ready for immediate worldwide delivery. Canclini Tessile’s fabrics are made from the finest cotton and are some of the strongest wrinkle-free options offered to the public. A special cause that Canclini Tessile advocates is its use of ‘bio fabrics’ when producing its materials – helping reduce a carbon footprint.

Our Partnership

Apposta’s strong relationship with Canclini Tessile continues as we seek fabrics which remain affordable yet in high-demand from customers. The partnership merges specialists and experts from both sides who come together and serve a community of clothing admirers. With many options and possibilities, Canclini Tessile offers Apposta experience and quality which we proudly extend to our customers around the world. To find out more about Canclini Tessile, visit their website,

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All images are courtesy of Canclini Tessile S.p.A