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Apposta guides > Elements of your custom shirt > The embroidered monograms

The embroidered monograms

You have the choice to add your own initials to your shirt as a display of its individuality. 

Types: Your first and last initials are separated by a dot and are embroidered on the left side of the shirt, in Italic or Bold.

Position: choose where your monogram is embroidered. The standard monogram position is on the left front of the shirt, near the stomach. The chest monogram position is on the upper left front of the shirt. If a pocket is present, when the standard position is selected the monogram will be underneath the pocket. If a pocket is present when the chest position is selected the monogram will be on the pocket. Alternatively, you can also choose to place your initials on the tips of the collar or on the cuff to add a touch of personality.

Colour: if you want your monogram to shine, choose the contrast: it will be embroidered with a contrast thread. Choose the colour you wish or we will use our standard colours (depending on the colour of your shirt).