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Shirts with Soktas fabrics

Fabrics that rival Egyptian cottons in an affordable range



We have selected Soktas as one of our suppliers due to its high-quality yet competitive fabrics. Having evolved in the Turkish Aegean region, it has a historical and geographical heritage from one of the most reputable districts for fabric production. Due to its emphasis on mostly classic styles, Soktas sells fabrics that are suitable for many environments, occasions, and lifestyles around the world. It remains a popular choice for those who seek formal clothing at a more reasonable price than its competitors, without sacrificing on quality.

Complete Control of Production

Founded in 1971, Soktas has become a specialist and valued producer of cotton and cotton-blended fabrics. A strong feature of the company is the process it maintains on its own plantation in Turkey. It is responsible for every element of the fabric – from growth, extraction, weaving, and distribution – and the professionals’ contribute to an unbroken chain of manufacturing. This process was specifically designed to produce a fabric where all elements are under the control of its experts.

Challenging The Egyptian Standard

The historical significance that Soktas offers is just a small part of what makes the company so valued at Apposta. Aside from the company’s multi-generational employee chain, its introduction of a new super-premium cotton – grown on its own land – is considered good value and a strong investment for many clothing companies. Co-developed with the Cotton Research Institute, the material rivals most Egyptian Giza varieties used today by other suppliers. Soktas maintains a ‘less is more’ mantra, adopted for most of its products – offering customers a classic fabric which combines modesty with sophistication.

Sustainability and Certifications

IAs a supporter of environment issues and use of sustainable fabrics, we admire Soktas’ ecological process from design to product. The company’s unique ‘Eco Logic @Santa ; collection of fabrics places an emphasis on simple and practical living: focussing on organic and recycled cottons to help reduce its carbon footprint. Its suitability efforts have are a legitimate and pragmatic approach to fabric production and distribution within the industry.


Mutual Respect and Understanding

As a partner, we proudly work with Soktas to assist people all over the world who seek the materials it provides. Apposta shares the mutual understanding, respect, and care over the fabrics people wear every day. Its reliable delivery to our Italian factory ensures that customers will always receive their Apposta shirt in a timely and professional manner. Apposta and Soktas personally gather periodically to ensure a healthy and fruitful partnership will continue into the future. This is met with great enthusiasm from both sides and will result in the distribution of more quality fabrics in the future. To find out more about Soktas visit the website,

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