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How to Create Your Custom-Made Shirt
Elements of Your Custom Shirt
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How to Create Your Custom-Made Shirt
Elements of Your Custom Shirt
The Fabric Suppliers


Fil-à-fil shirts are created from a fabric which has a close, plain weave construction with alternating thread colours. These shirts are suitable for formal outfits and casual outfits. Fil-à-fil fabrics appear to have a block colour from afar, but are two-tone up close.

What Is Fil-à-Fil Fabric?

Fil-à-fil (also known as end-on-end) is a plain weave fabric characterised by the use of different colour warp and weft threads. Typically a coloured thread is combined with white thread. This creates a distinct, heathered appearance. The resulting fabric has visual interest while maintaining a subtle appearance.

What Are the Benefits of Fil-à-Fil Fabric?


The fabric’s plain-weave structure creates a soft and comfortable texture.


The subtlety of the fabric’s textural interest means that the fabric is suitable for formal and casual shirts.


Fil-à-fil is durable and maintains its quality over time, even with regular wear.

Wrinkle Resistance

The weave’s tightness means that it is not as prone to wrinkling as other fabrics.


When Should I Wear a Fil-à-Fil Shirt?

Smart Outfits

Fil-à-fil shirts can be used to add subtle interest to smart outfits such as those for the office or a special occasion. The weave’s construction provides texture which can be used instead of a pattern.

Casual Outfits

The texture of fil-à-fil fabric shirts is suitable for pairing with items such as jeans and chinos for casual days.


How Is Fil-à-fil Fabric Made?

Crafting a fil-à-fil fabric involves closely intertwining warp and weft threads. This results in a dense and simple weave structure. The warp threads run longitudinally, while the weft threads run horizontally. Fil-à-fil's appearance is achieved by using a white thread and a coloured thread or 2 different coloured threads for the warp and weft.

How to Wear a Fil-à-Fil Shirt

Fil-à-fil weave shirts can be dressed up or down with ease. Try a light blue fil-à-fil shirt with a dark navy suit, tie and socks. Then finish this formal look with a pair of oxblood monk strap shoes. For a more casual take on the fil-à-fil weave, during summer try wearing a pale green shirt with beige chinos and white slip-on sneakers.

How to Take Care of a Fil-à-Fil Shirt

Although fil-à-fil fabric is durable, steps should be taken to preserve your shirt’s condition. All of our fil-à-fil shirts can be machine washed, but you should use a gentle cycle and a mild detergent to avoid damaging the fabric. The temperature which we recommend to wash at is 30°C. You should also avoid using bleach, fabric softener, or dryer sheets. After washing, hang your shirt or lay flat to dry.

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