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How to Create Your Custom-Made Shirt
Elements of Your Custom Shirt
The Fabric Suppliers
How to Create Your Custom-Made Shirt
Elements of Your Custom Shirt
The Fabric Suppliers


Mock leno shirts are created from a fabric which resembles leno weave. This weave creates a lightweight and breathable fabric that's suitable for warm weather. Choose from our many mock leno fabrics when creating your custom-made Italian shirt.

What is Mock Leno Fabric?

Mock leno is a type of fabric weave known for its unique mesh-like appearance and open structure. It mimics traditional leno weave without using complex weaving techniques. Instead, a dobby loom creates spaces in a plain weave fabric at regular intervals.

What Are the Benefits of Mock Leno Fabric?


The open weave structure encourages air circulation to keep its wearer cool.


Despite its delicate appearance, mock leno is resilient and maintains its integrity over time.


The unique weave texture adds a point of design interest to fabrics.


When Should I Wear a Mock Leno Shirt?

Warm Weather

Mock leno’s weave allows air circulation so it is well suited to hot conditions. You can use it to create a shirt to wear in high temperatures, such as warm weather holidays.

Casual Outfits

The texture of mock leno gives the fabric a casual appearance. It is thus more suitable for informal outfits.

The History of Mock Leno Fabric

The precise origins of mock leno fabric are not known. It is believed to have been developed by textile weavers aiming to mimic the leno weave. The true leno weave requires specialised looms and expertise. Mock leno provides similar technical and aesthetic attributes without the same complexities.


How is Mock Leno Fabric Made?

Mock leno fabric is produced using a dobby loom, which strategically weaves spaces into plain weave fabric. This process involves alternating the warp and weft threads in a way that creates small, regular gaps throughout the material.

How to Wear a Mock Leno Shirt

For a summer casual outfit, try wearing a white mock leno shirt with tan chinos and black penny loafers. For formal events such as summer weddings, try a black mock leno shirt worn with a beige linen suit and brown penny loafers.

How to Take Care of a Mock Leno Shirt

Wash by hand or machine wash using a mild detergent on a gentle, low temperature cycle. Air dry to avoid shrinkage. Iron on the reverse at a low to medium heat to protect the fabric's integrity.

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