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Shirts with spread collar

Spread collars are often associated with formal events. This is due to wider space between the two points which can allow more space for a bigger tie knot - e.g the Windsor knot or bow-tie.


Spread collar

A wide spread collar with long points, a style associated with formal dress shirts. The perfect design to accommodate oversized tie knots. Fun fact: in France, it is referred to as 'Italian style'.
Points length 8.7cm, back height 4.4cm, front height 3.4cm

Updated spread with short points

The spread collar updated with short points is an elegant and understated style. Worn with or without a tie, it's a style that elevates your look.
Points length 7.8cm, back height 3.6cm, front height 2.9cm

Semi-spread collar

Typical collar to be worn with or without a tie. A soft silhouette, the use of collar stays is recommended to fully enhance the characteristics of the collar.
Points length 8.5cm, back height 3.5cm, front height 2.8cm

Lower Spread collar

The classic spread collar with a shorter collar band is a minimalist style due to its shallow blade. Sporting crisp, clean lines, it goes well with a casual blazer without a tie.
Points length 8.4cm, back height 4cm, front height 3cm

Cutaway collar

The extreme cutaway collar is one of the more fashion-forward options. It can be dressed up with a tie (half or full Windsor knot), or dressed down without.
(Points length 8cm, back height 3.3cm, front height 2.5cm)

High spread collar with 2 buttons

An open collar with wide points. A two-button style, it looks best worn under a pullover, without a tie.
Points length 9cm, back height 4.4cm, front height 4cm