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How to Create Your Custom-Made Shirt
Elements of Your Custom Shirt
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How to Create Your Custom-Made Shirt
Elements of Your Custom Shirt
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Spread collars have shorter collar points than straight point collars, with a wider gap between the two points.

Traditionally used for formal dress shirts, they can be created with a soft lining for a more casual look. This type of collar is particularly useful for wearing with large tie styles such as the Windsor knot.

Choose this collar type if you have a long face as it will provide horizontal balance.


Spread Collar

The spread collar is a conventional style which is ideal for formal shirts and is typically associated with dress shirts. Works well with oversized tie knots.

Points length: 8.6cm, back height 4.2cm, front height 3.4cm

Updated Spread Collar With Short Points

The updated spread collar with short points offers a new, trendier look. This elegant and understated style is a low collar type which will work well with a small tie knot.

Points length: 7.8cm, back height 3.6cm, front height 2.9cm

Semi-spread Collar

The semi-spread collar is a versatile medium high collar with a soft silhouette which can be worn with or without a tie. Using collar stays is recommended to fully enhance the characteristics of this collar.

Points length: 8.5cm, back height 3.5cm, front height 2.8cm

Lower Spread Collar

The lower spread collar has the same shape as the spread collar, but with a lower collar band. Its crisp clean lines work well worn without a tie and with a casual blazer.

Points length: 8.5cm, back height 3.9cm, front height 3cm

Cutaway Collar

The cutaway collar features the maximum cutaway for a fashion-forward look. Can be dressed up with a tie (half or full Windsor knot) or dressed down without a tie.

Points length: 9cm, back height 3.3cm, front height 2.5cm

High Spread Collar With 2 Buttons

The high spread collar with 2 buttons is a noticeable collar and works well for those with a long neck. Works well worn open under a jacket or pullover. If worn alone, choose a large tie or wear unbuttoned.

Points length: 9cm, back height 4.4cm, front height 4cm 

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