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Shirts with straight point collar

These collars can be worn freely with or without a tie. For this reason, this option a popular choice for shirt wearers as their style is not restricted by the occasion. They match a casual setting, while also fulfilling their function at a formal event.

Regular straight point collar

The Italian style collar par excellence, suitable for all occasions, with or without a tie.
Points length 8.7cm, back height 3.6cm, front height 2.8cm

Updated straight point collar

The small opening between collar points means this style works best with a small knot. Keep it sleek with a slim tie, or forego the tie completely for a more casual look.
Points length 6.2cm, back height 3.4cm, front height 2.8cm

Low straight point collar with short points

Typical Italian collar style, with very short tips. Suitable for those who follow fashion trends. To be worn open-necked or with narrow ties.
Points length 5.5cm, back height 3cm, front height 2.6cm

Low straight point collar

An Italian style collar suitable for daily tie wearers.
Points length 7.5cm, back height 3.2cm, front height 2.4cm

Open straight point collar

An open Italian collar to be worn with a tie or open-necked. A soft silhouette, the use of collar stays is recommended to fully enhance the characteristics of the collar. Well suited for linen or casual shirts.
Points length 8.2cm, back height 3.6cm, front height 2.8cm

Trendy high straight point collar

High collar, up-to-date with the latest trends. Suitable for all the occasions, to be worn without a tie.
Points length 8.5cm, back height 3.6cm, front height 2.8cm

Classic straight point collar

A classic collar, suitable for those who love to wear a tie.
Points length 8.2 cm, back height 3.3cm, front height 2.8cm

Narrow straight point collar

Typical Italian collar. Very classic when matched with a tie and worn under a pullover.
Points length 7.6cm, back height 3.4cm, front height 2.8cm

High straight point collar with 2 buttons

High Italian collar with two buttons. To be worn open under a jacket or a pullover.
Points length 8.9cm, back height 4.4cm, front height 3.9cm

Pin collar

A collar bar keeps your tie in place and is an extra accessory to your look. This style works best with a small, a classic tie knot.
Points length 6.4cm, back height 3.4cm, front height 2.8cm

Club collar

A twenties-inspired style, the club collar calls for a slim four-in-hand knot, which should be pulled tight for a neat finish.
Points length 4.8cm, back height 2.7cm, front height 2.3cm

Tab collar

The tab collar is a smart and sophisticated design and is an alternative to the classic cutaway collar. A functional style, it keeps the tie firmly in place and also pushes the bottom of the knot away from the body, creating an elegant roll at the top of the tie blade.
Points length 7.7cm, back height 4cm, front height 3.4cm