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How to Create Your Custom-Made Shirt
Elements of Your Custom Shirt
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How to Create Your Custom-Made Shirt
Elements of Your Custom Shirt
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Twill shirts are created from a fabric with a distinct diagonal weave pattern. We have many twill fabrics which you can choose from when making your perfect-fit custom Italian shirt.

What Is Twill Fabric?

Twill is a type of fabric weave which is characterised by a diagonal rib pattern. It is made by weaving a weft thread over and under numerous warp threads, typically two or more at a time. Twill weave's structure gives the fabric a less transparent and thicker finish than plain weaves of a similar quality. This means that twill fabric shirts are well suited to cooler weather.

The Benefits of Twill Fabric


The unique weaving style of twill gives it strength and tear resistance.


The diagonal weave gives twill an opaque finish which is not see through.

Wrinkle Resistance

The thickness of the weave means that twill is less prone to wrinkles than many other fabrics.


The History of Twill Fabric

Twill fabric has a long history which stretches back for thousands of years. Its origins are difficult to trace due to its widespread use across various cultures. The term "twill" comes from the Old English word "twili" which references the diagonal weaving pattern.

How is Twill Fabric Made?

To make a twill fabric a weft thread passes over multiple warp threads, then under multiple warp threads in a sequential manner. This creates the 'step' pattern that gives twill its distinctive diagonal lines. As twill fabric refers to a style of weave it can be made from various materials such as cotton, silk or wool.

How to Wear a Twill Shirt

A twill shirt can be suitable for both casual and formal settings. For a casual look, pair a navy twill shirt with beige chinos and white trainers. In formal settings, a white twill shirt will pair well with a charcoal grey suit, a black tie and brown double monk strap shoes.


How to Take Care of a Twill Shirt

Although they are generally durable, it is advisable to wash twill shirts on a cool cycle. Air drying either flat or hanging is advisable to maintain the fabric’s integrity. When ironing, use the lowest effective temperature and on the shirt’s reverse.

Did You Know?

  • The grooves created by the twill weaving technique are ‘wales’.
  • The term "twill" comes from the Old English word "twili”.
  • Twill is one of the three main types of textile alongside plain weave and satin.
  • Twill weaves have a front and a back side which have a different appearance from each other.


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