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Shirts with wing collar

The wing collar is a fundamentally formal and ceremonious choice. It is designed to perfectly fit a bow-tie and is usually reserved for the most elegant occasions, such as weddings, graduations, or religious events. Therefore, these would only appear on tuxedo shirts. Suitable for black tie and white tie events.

Apposta offers two types of wing collar:

Wing collar

Also known as a diplomatic or penguin collar it is a collar with outward facing points. Typically adorns white or ivory shirts, plain coloured or with particular finishes. Suitable for occasions when elegance is important. Wear with white or black ties.
Points length 7cm, back height 3cm, front height 2.5cm.

Wing collar Loop

Similar to the classic wing, this style also has a loop function to secure a bowtie.
Suitable for ceremonies and gala evenings, worn with a dinner jacket or tailcoat.
Points length 7cm, back height 3cm, front height 2.5cm