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How to Create Your Custom-Made Shirt
Elements of Your Custom Shirt
The Fabric Suppliers
How to Create Your Custom-Made Shirt
Elements of Your Custom Shirt
The Fabric Suppliers


When creating a custom-made shirt your choice of cuff can alter the style and formality of your garment. We offer 8 different styles of cuffs to choose from. Each one has particular properties.

The majority of the cuffs which we offer are single cuffs. They wrap around the wrist in a circular form and are therefore barrel cuffs. We also offer a double cuff style, French cuffs, which are the most formal cuff style. You can read our guide to French cuffs to learn more about this style.

The formality of our cuffs can differ depending on the fusing/interlining chosen by you. Generally speaking, the stiffer the fusing the greater the formality. When creating a shirt you can select a soft, standard or stiff fusing for the collar. Your collar fusing selection will decide the style of your cuff fusing. If you require different styles of fusing for your shirt’s collar and cuffs, please contact customer care.

How to Choose a Shirt Cuff

Before choosing a shirt cuff, you should be clear about the settings in which you intend to wear your shirt. Are you making a shirt that will be worn in a wide variety of settings? Choose angled cuffs which are versatile. Do you need your shirt for a prestigious formal occasion? Opt for French cuffs which will be worn with cufflinks. Creating a shirt that’s for casual wear only? Select straight cuffs so that you can easily roll up the shirt’s sleeves.

Types of Shirt Cuffs

Here are the different types of shirt cuffs which you can choose when making a custom-made shirt.


Choose these cuffs if you are creating a shirt which you would like to wear in a variety of settings.

Angled Cuffs



  • A contemporary design with angled corners.
  • Suitable for smart and casual shirts.
  • Offered as standard on all Apposta shirts.

Round Cuffs



  • A casual design with soft, rounded edges.
  • Suitable for casual shirts and smart casual shirts.

Convertible Square Cuffs



  • An adjustable design which can be worn in 2 different ways.
  • Can be worn with cufflinks for a formal outfit.
  • Can be worn with buttons for an everyday outfit.

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Adjustable 2-Button Cuffs



  • An adjustable angled design which can create different wrist tightness.
  • Can create a comfortable fit for the left wrist when wearing a watch.


Choose this cuff if you are creating a shirt which is for formal occasions.

French Cuffs



  • The most formal cuff design.
  • A ‘double cuff’ style, where the fabric folds back on itself when worn.
  • Must be worn with cufflinks.
  • Suitable for special occasion shirts.
  • Also referred to as a ‘double cuffs’.

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Choose these cuffs if you are creating a shirt which will be worn casually.

2-Buttonhole Cuffs



  • An angled cuff design with 2 buttons and 2 buttonholes.
  • Suitable for casual and check shirts.
  • Can be worn with a single button fastened.

Straight Cuffs



  • A casual design which is an alternative to the round cuff.
  • Suitable for casual and sports shirts.
  • Easy to roll up.

Short Straight Cuffs



  • A design with a shorter cuff length of 6cm.
  • Suitable for shirts with small collars and slim-fit shirts.

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