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How to Create Your Custom-Made Shirt
Elements of Your Custom Shirt
The Fabric Suppliers
How to Create Your Custom-Made Shirt
Elements of Your Custom Shirt
The Fabric Suppliers

Apposta provides eight cuff choices when you design your shirt. They each represent a different style and formality, making them an important feature. Below is a breakdown best describing the possibilities and reasons for choosing a cuff.

Angled, Round, Straight cuffs are types of Barrel cuffs. They received their name because they wrap round the wrist forming a barrel. One button versions of these cuffs can be either formal or casual depending on the fusing/interlining. Usually, the stiffer the fusing the more formal the cuff.

Angled cuff

This cuff is angled at 45 degrees at the corners, creating a sharp appearance. This is Apposta’s standard cuff for shirts.

Round cuff

This cuff is preferable for more elegant shirts, although this is often a subjective choice. It is a rounded cuff with one button and can add a level of formality and professionalism. It can also be worn in a casual setting and would not be considered too smart.

Two buttonhole cuff

Suitable for sporty checked shirts. To be worn with only one button fastened.

Straight (or Square) cuff

The straight cuff is a less formal take on the round cuff. It does not have rounded edges, and makes the sleeves easier to roll up for informal occasions. It is better suited for casual or sporty events.

French cuff / Double cuff

The most formal cuff for a dress shirt. They require cufflinks which automatically portrays sophistication and influence. These cuffs are most suited for the most formal occasions and often the choice of cuff for the most traditional of men.
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Convertible Square cuff

Convertible cuffs are quickly rising in popularity due to their versatility. Wearers can manoeuvre the button to hide it internally, making room for the addition of a cufflink. This is particularly suitable for people who want to wear cufflinks for a formal occasion yet fasten the buttons in all other circumstances.
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Short straight or Square cuff

Apposta’s height of this cuff is limited to 6cm – shorter than the conventional cuff of 7.5cm. This best accommodates slim fit shirts and those who choose smaller collars.

Adjustable angled cuff

A cuff with two horizontal buttons makes the width of it adjustable for the wrist, depending on occasion. A choice of either button can allow wearers to decide between a tight or loose fitting cuff. Usually, the left one is wider to allow space for a watch.


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