A Re-imagination of Buying a Shirt (video)

Apposta has created a video demonstrating the countless possibilities of creating a shirt online.

The video, which acts as a visual aid to the online process, shows a man carefully selected every aspect of his Apposta shirt with technology that resembles Augmented Reality. It is a metaphor for how Apposta views the future of online clothing customisation.

Apposta is an online platform for men to choose and order made-to-measure Italian shirts. The company works with experts in Italy and combines the traditional heritage if shirt making with innovative e-commerce and digital marketing capabilities. ‘The Future of Men’s Clothing’ is a visual aid demonstrating the freedom and flexibility that customers have when choosing every element of their shirt: fabric, size, collar, pocket, and many more.

Users can input their own measurements online and reorder at a click of a button with their new shirt arriving in 2-3 weeks anywhere in the world.


Customise your shirt starting from fabrics 


Customise your shirt starting from a proposal

Customer care

Customer service is at your side for all your needs.
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Neronote becomes Apposta

We are pleased to announce that we are changing our name. We have been searching long and hard to find a new name that represents our core values of quality and service.

That name is Apposta

Apposta (apˈpɔsta)
Italian, adverb
a. specially, on purpose
b. intentionally