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Welcome To Apposta

Your Perfect-Fit Shirt,
Created Online, Made In Italy

Thank you for registering with Apposta.

We are an Italian custom shirtmaker who provide the perfect alchemy of traditional manufacturing and online expertise. Combining the excellence of heritage craftsmanship with digital innovation, we offer you all of the tools needed to create shirts that are customised for your exact measurements and taste.

Here’s what you can do on Apposta:

1. Choose one of our pre-existing shirt designs, customising details as you go along. If you input your measurements we’ll create a made-to-measure shirt for you. There’s no extra cost, customisations are included in the initial price.

2. Create a completely new shirt design. We let you choose from our carefully curated collection of over 4,000 premium fabrics. With so many design options at your disposal, you can create almost any shirt. Customisations are included in the initial price.

3. Ask us to clone an existing shirt design by sending it to us. We’ll closely match your original shirt’s colour, fabric, measurements and design details.

All of our shirts are custom made by experts in our Italian factory and are shipped within two weeks of being ordered. To ensure the perfect fit is guaranteed we precheck measurements digitally and then manually once orders are received by the factory.