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Shirts with David & John Anderson fabrics

The most superior fabrics from the most exclusive locations


David & John Anderson is a member of Albini Group and supplies Apposta with the finest fabrics available in the world. As the company expanded in size and elegance, it bought its own island in Barbados and started producing one of the most sought-after Sea Island cottons in the ideal location for production. These reasons alone place it as our most esteemed and prestigious suppliers.

Scottish Origins

In 1822, David & John Anderson started in the Scottish city of Glasgow, a region known for its culture and admiration of unique fabrics. The company’s initial focus was on women’s and children’s clothes within the domestic market due to their expertise in producing fabrics that represented an authentic heritage. Over the decades, the company mastered how to manufacture the best quality fabrics available - making the product highly desirable by people. This led to Albini Group acquiring the company in 1992, thus inheriting its seasoned knowledge and expertise. Today, specialists work tirelessly to create some of the most highly demanded and luxurious fabrics on the market.

Its Own Island; A Paradise For Creation

David & John Anderson offers a large range of the most precious shirt fabrics in the world. Apposta distributes its Sea Island Cotton: the élite Caribbean cotton of which Albini Group has the exclusivity of production from Barbados – a benefit due to the region’s perfect climate for cotton production. Factors including the average rainfall and humidity contribute to the standard it presents. Limited to only 70 bales of premier cotton per year, Apposta can provide our customers with its most admired materials. Egyptian Giza 45 - the most desired cotton in the world - is another fabric which Apposta works hard to offer all our customers. The silky feel and extraordinary brightness satisfies shirt wearers all over the world.

The Best Fabrics in the World. Fact.

After years of research and experimentation, David & John Anderson created Golden Jubilee – a fabric with the finest yarn in the world. Made from Giza 45 cotton and its 330/4 yarn count measurement, it is twisted four times instead of the standard two. This significantly outnumbers a Sea Island cotton shirt, that averages around 140/2. The material is so rare that it only represents 0.4% of the total cotton production in Egypt, woven in Italy by experts. Totally revolutionary in its softness and durability, Golden Jubilee symbolises the prestige and reputation for which David & John Anderson has become renowned.

The company achieved this success through extensive monitoring of trends and techniques seen worldwide, and has solidified itself as a true pioneer in fabric production. Its collection of fabrics is carefully monitored by the WISICA (West Indian Sea Island Cotton Association), which award David & John Anderson the certificate of authenticity on each supply.


A Unique Partnership

Apposta values the partnership with David & John Anderson and admires the care and respect that the company holds for its products. As seasons change, we remain the only company to trade and distribute its Millennial Star fabric online. An exclusive benefit from Apposta and David & John Anderson, we will continue to provide the shirts made with its fabrics promptly and professionally. To find out more about them, visit:

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