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How to Create Your Custom-Made Shirt
Elements of Your Custom Shirt
The Fabric Suppliers


The David & John Anderson men’s shirt fabrics in our online inventory are some of the most luxurious and rarest fabrics in the world. Originating in Scotland in the 19th century, David & John Anderson is today owned by Italy’s highly-respected Albini Group. Characteristics that define David & John Anderson fabrics include: exclusivity, luxury and impeccable quality.


What Is David & John Anderson Known For?

David & John Anderson fabrics are considered to be at the pinnacle of shirtmaking due to their exceptional physical qualities and rarity. These fabrics are woven using precious yarns which have been created from the finest raw materials available.

David & John Anderson Barbados Sea Island cotton is considered to be the finest and rarest of all the Sea Island cottons. In contrast to the 74,000 bales of Egyptian cotton produced each year, only 70 bales of Barbados Sea Island cotton are harvested annually. They are all sent to David & John Anderson exclusively.

The very best extra-long staple Giza yarns (which represent less than 0.4% of total cotton production in Egypt) are carefully selected in order to create David & John Anderson Egyptian cotton fabrics. These especially long, fine and strong yarns are spun in Italy to make ultra-light, soft fabric which is extremely luminous, durable and uniform in appearance.

Apposta is proud to partner with David & John Anderson due to the brand’s field-leading commitment to excellence in fabric production. We remain the only company which provides access to its superfine Millennial Star fabric online.



A Brief History Of David & John Anderson

In 1822 David Anderson and business partner Alexander Lawrie founded men’s neckwear company Alexander & Lawrie in Glasgow, Scotland. When Alexander retired in 1839 David’s brother John Anderson took his place at the company which subsequently became David & John Anderson.

During the early 20th century the company expanded, focusing on high quality dress shirt fabrics with short production runs, and earned a reputation for manufacturing excellence in the process.

In 1992 David & John Anderson was acquired by the Bergamo-based Albini Group, Europe’s largest manufacturer of shirting fabrics who have been part of the Italian textile industry since 1876. Today Albini continues to uphold the brand’s legacy of producing some of the finest fabrics in the world.


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