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How to Create Your Custom-Made Shirt
Elements of Your Custom Shirt
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How to Create Your Custom-Made Shirt
Elements of Your Custom Shirt
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Oxford shirts are created from a fabric with a specific type of weave. They are durable and well suited to wearing as part of a casual or smart outfit, depending on the style of weave. In our inventory of Oxford fabrics there are 3 distinct types of this weave which can be used to make a custom-made Italian shirt.

What is Oxford Fabric?

Oxford fabric is a textile which has been woven using a specific basket-weave structure. Most often made from cotton, Oxford fabric is created by interlocking fine threads with thicker threads. This results in a textured finish which appears dotted on close inspection.

It is a popular misconception that a button-down collar defines an Oxford shirt. Although this a common feature of Oxford shirts, it is fabric alone which defines an Oxford shirt.

What Are the Benefits of Oxford Fabric?


Oxford's unique basket weave creates a thick, strong and durable fabric.

Wrinkle Resistant

The fabric’s relatively thick weave means that it is less prone to wrinkles than other fabrics.


Oxford fabric can be smart or smart casual depending on the type. Thicker variants err casual while finer variants are more formal.


The structure of Oxford fabric’s weave facilitates breathability and airflow.


Types of Oxford Fabric

There are three main variations of the Oxford weave.

Classic Oxford

Classic Oxford is characterised by its thickness and durability. It features the fabric's signature pronounced dot pattern.

Pinpoint Oxford

Pinpoint Oxford fabric offers a smoother and more delicate finish.

Royal Oxford

Royal Oxford fabric uses high thread count yarns for a silky and luxurious texture. This style of Oxford fabric is suitable for formal occasions.

The History of Oxford Fabric

The first Oxford fabric was manufactured in 19th century Scotland. The fabric was created as 1 of 4 weaving styles named after prestigious universities. The fabric was widely used to create shirts for polo players who valued its breathability and durability. The button-down collar which often appears on Oxford shirts is a feature added as a consequence of the fabric’s sporting history. The collar buttons served to hold the shirt’s collar down during games of polo.


How Is Oxford Fabric Made?

Oxford weave fabric employs a 'basket' method where weft threads cross an equal number of warp threads. Typically, these threads consist of a single colour intertwined with white threads. This creates Oxford's distinctive textured appearance.

How to Wear an Oxford Shirt

Oxford shirts are suitable for various occasions. For a more formal look, a white Oxford shirt paired with a navy suit and tie exudes elegance. For a casual setting, a pale blue Oxford shirt can be worn untucked with beige chinos and black loafers.

How to Take Care of an Oxford Shirt

Wash with similar colours using a mild detergent, avoiding bleach. Iron an Oxford shirt inside out, while the fabric is slightly damp, using a low heat setting.

Did You Know?

  • Oxford fabric was invented in Scotland, not in the English university city of Oxford.
  • Oxford fabric was 1 of 4 fabrics created and named after great universities. Yale, Harvard and Cambridge weave fabrics were created in tandem.
  • The weave is particularly resistant to abrasion and chemical agents.
  • Oxford fabric is interchangeably referred to as Oxford cloth.
  • A button-down collar is not a definitive feature of an Oxford shirt. Fabric alone dictates if a shirt is an Oxford.


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