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Oxford shirts

Oxford shirts are named after the famous English university town where they were created and produced for the first time.

Made with fine coloured threads in the warp and thicker white threads in the weft to create its characteristic “dotted” look, Oxford comes in several variants: Classic, Pinpoint and Royal. All are made with the same time of weave but differ in the thickness and weight of the threads used. Each is typically used to make a different type of shirt.

Classic Oxford

The best-known variety, with quite a pronounced dotted appearance. Like the others, it is a durable, very long-lasting cloth that can be washed without any special precautions. It is ideal for both casual and formal shirts and lends itself to button-down collars and pockets.

Oxford Pinpoint

Its fine threads give it a more delicate, smooth and lustrous appearance than the Classic Oxford. Typically used for elegant shirts, it combines well with soft wool ties.

Royal Oxford

This cloth is typically made only with high-thread-count yarns. Known for its softness and silken effect, it is versatile and suitable for any occasion.

Features of the weave:

  • Plain weave 100% pure cotton threads
  • PWeight 130–220 g (3.8–6.5 oz)
  • Coloured warp and white weft, a feature that accentuates the basket-weave effect, forming a kind of microcheck pattern
  • Filati 100% puro cotone

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