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Need a versatile shirt that blends comfort and timeless style? The best men's Oxford shirts deliver that. Oxford weave fabric has a unique woven texture which is versatile and durable. This guide will help you find your ideal Oxford shirt style. It will also help you to understand the fabric's benefits and learn how to style Oxford shirts.

What Is an Oxford Shirt?

An Oxford shirt is defined by its unique Oxford cloth weave. This style of weave has a subtle texture and a more casual feel than many other weaves. To read more in-depth information about this fabric type view our Oxford weave guide.

The Best Men's Oxford Shirts to Try

Here's a list of our best men's Oxford shirts. All our shirts are custom-made in Italy. All personalizations (including made-to-measure sizing) are available at no extra cost.

White Oxford Shirt

Made from white fabric with a button-down collar, this Oxford shirt is an off-duty design. It features rounded cuffs, mother-of-pearl buttons and a practical left chest pocket. Its slim fit adds a modern touch. This shirt balances smart and casual design elements.


How to Wear It

Effortless Office Attire

Master business casual by wearing this shirt with grey trousers, grey socks and black Oxford shoes. This failsafe outfit is comfortable, versatile and effortless.

Elevated Casual

Combine this shirt with navy jeans, a brown leather belt and brown chukka boots for a sharp weekend look.


Light Blue Cotton Oxford Shirt

This light blue Oxford shirt has a spread collar and mother-of-pearl buttons which create a refined look. The contrasting navy detail on the inside collar adds a unique, eye-catching touch.


How to Wear It

Smart Casual Office

For a smart casual office look try tucking this shirt into tailored grey trousers. Then, add a textured patch pocket navy blazer, black socks and deep brown derby shoes.

Tonal Weekend

Pair this shirt with denim jeans in a deeper shade of blue for a tonal weekend outfit. Add a brown shawl collar cardigan and white low-top sneakers to complete the look.

White Wrinkle-Free Oxford Shirt

Made from wrinkle-free Thomas Mason fabric, this Oxford shirt is practical and luxurious. Its semi-spread collar, convertible cuffs, and mother-of-pearl buttons are sophisticated design details.


How to Wear It

Business Traveller

This shirt's wrinkle-free fabric makes it ideal for business travel. Pair it with a navy suit and brown leather derby shoes.

Spring Shades

During the springtime try wearing this shirt open over a white T-shirt. Add beige straight-leg chinos and brown penny loafers to complete the look.


Short Sleeve Oxford Shirt

This versatile short-sleeve Oxford shirt features a classic straight point collar and a regular close fit. A pocketless front ensures that the design balances smart and casual elements.


How to Wear It

Holiday Sharpness

For a sharp holiday look, combine this shirt with light grey linen shorts. Add a woven brown leather belt for a touch of texture. Finish the look with classic brown leather sandals.

Coastal Cool

Pair this shirt with lightweight cotton trousers in a pale, sandy colour. Slip-on espadrilles in a dark caramel shade to complete this coastal-resort inspired outfit.


Blue Stripe Oxford Shirt

This luxurious shirt is crafted from Supima cotton. It combines a sophisticated pattern with Oxford’s characteristic texture. Its blue stripes, low spread collar and rounded cuffs create a versatile design.

Best Men’s Oxford Shirts

How to Wear It

Spring/Summer Casual

During warmer weather wear this shirt open over a white crew-neck T-shirt. On your bottom half add a pair of tailored beige chino shorts. Finish with brown woven leather espadrilles.

Office Appropriate

To dress this shirt up for the office, try tucking it into navy trousers. Then add a navy knitted tie, a navy sport coat, navy socks and deep brown brogues.


Navy Blue Oxford Shirt

This navy blue Oxford shirt is designed with a shorter untucked hem. The fabric is a luxurious Giza 45 cotton in a Royal Oxford weave. Its button-down collar and angled cuffs blend relaxed and smart design details.


How to Wear It

Untucked Off-Duty

Try wearing this untucked style shirt open over a plain white T-shirt. On your bottom half try black straight leg jeans and brown Chelsea boots. It will create an effortless weekend look.

Evening Appropriate

For a smart casual evening outfit pair this shirt with black chino trousers. Complete the look with grey socks and ox-blood double monk strap shoes. This outfit can be worn to a bar or to a restaurant.


What Are the Benefits of Oxford Fabric?

The best men’s Oxford shirts offers distinct properties:


Oxford fabric’s construction resists wear and tear well.

Wrinkle Resistance

The weave style provides natural crease-resistance, maintaining a tidy look with minimal effort.


Oxford fabrics come in weights for both casual and formal shirts. Heavier weights are more casual, finer weaves are more formal.


The weave allows airflow, keeping you comfortable and cool in warmer weather.


Types of Oxford Fabric For Custom-Made Shirts

We offer 3 distinct types of Oxford fabric which you can use to make your own custom-made Oxford shirt.

Classic Oxford


Classic Oxford fabric boasts durability and a clearly textured pattern. It's a versatile choice for both everyday wear and more casual settings.


Pinpoint Oxford


Pinpoint Oxford fabric is known for its refined feel and smooth finish. Pinpoint Oxford is a more formal option than classic Oxford. It is suitable for office environments.


Royal Oxford


Royal Oxford fabric offers luxurious softness and a subtle sheen. This elevated fabric is ideal for formal events when you need to add a touch of sophistication to an outfit.


Types of Men's Oxford Shirts

Choose your Oxford shirt style based on the occasion and the level of formality required.

Smart Casual Oxford Shirts

Smart casual men’s Oxford shirts can be called upon for office outfits. They can also be worn on dates or for evening drinks.

Casual Oxford Shirts

Casual men’s Oxford shirts are suitable for wearing on the weekend or any time relaxed style is required.

Formal Oxford Shirts

Formal men’s Oxford shirts can be worn for events such as weddings or formal dinners.


Choosing the Right Color Oxford Shirt

Our Oxford fabrics are available in a range of colours and patterns. Consider these categories when choosing:

Neutral Colours


Oxford shirts in neutral colours are versatile, working for both formal and casual settings. Neutral colours include white, black, and navy Oxford shirts. These will pair well with tailored suits, jeans, chinos, or shorts.

Pastel Colours


Pastel Oxford shirts add a touch of casual colour to outfits. Opt for shades such as pale blue, pale green, pale yellow or pale pink. These shades are perfect for spring and summer and can be worn with beige chinos or shorts. Pastel colour Oxford shirts can also be dressed up and worn with a navy or cream suit. 

Saturated Colours


To make a bold statement, consider Oxford shirts in saturated shades such as bright orange and deep purple. These colours are casual, so perfect for daytime wear in warmer weather.


How To Care For Your Oxford Shirt

Oxford shirts need proper care to maintain their shape and appearance. Follow these tips:



What’s the Difference Between Oxford Cloth and Regular Dress Shirt Fabric?

Oxford cloth has that distinctive textured "basket weave" appearance. Dress shirts typically use smoother weaves such as poplin or twill. Oxford is often thicker, giving it a more casual feel.

Are Oxford Shirts Good for Summer?

Yes. Their breathability makes them a good choice for spring weather. Choose lighter weight Oxford weaves in lighter colours to maximise comfort.

Do I Need to Iron My Oxford Shirt?

Yes. Although thicker Oxford weaves are less prone to wrinkling than other fabric weaves.

Are Oxford Shirts Durable?

Yes. Oxford weave fabric is known for its strength and ability to withstand regular wear.

Read our Oxford weave fabric guide to learn more about this type of material.

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