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How to Create Your Custom-Made Shirt
Elements of Your Custom Shirt
The Fabric Suppliers
How to Create Your Custom-Made Shirt
Elements of Your Custom Shirt
The Fabric Suppliers

If you have an existing shirt which fits you particularly well and would like us to replicate the measurements we may be able to take care of this for you. When we replicate the measurements of an existing shirt, we use the most similar Apposta shirt pattern as a base and then create a replica shirt with the exact same measurements as your existing shirt.

Contact Us

Send the below information to us at:

- Information about what you’d like to be cloned
- Include ‘Clone a Shirt’s Measurements’ in your email’s subject line

We Will Reply

Once we’ve reviewed your request, we will respond to your query.

Send Your Shirt to Us

If your request is feasible, we’ll instruct you to send your shirt to us.

We Will Analyse Your Shirt

Our shirt experts will analyse your shirt.

We Will Propose a New Shirt

We will propose a new shirt and its cost for your consideration which you can accept or decline.

We Will Send Your Shirts Back to You

Your original shirt will be sent back to you alongside your new cloned shirt.

If you do not intend to proceed with ordering a new shirt, send an email to: and we will organise a return of your original shirt.

How to Take Measurements From a Shirt

If it is only the measurements of an existing shirt that you would like to replicate, read our How to Take Measurements From a Shirt guide.

Once you have taken your measurements follow the steps below.

1. Sign in to your Apposta account, or register

2. Click on your name and choose ‘measurements profiles’ from the drop-down menu

3. Select ‘add a new measurements profile’

4. Select ‘measurement on shirt’

5. Add your measurements to your profile

Your details will be stored in your profile and are available for you to easily create another shirt with the same measurements at any time.

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