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The Normandy Linen Shirts Guide

Discover what makes Normandy linen one of the most luxurious men’s shirt fabrics in the world.


What Is Normandy Linen?

Normandy linen is a type of linen fabric woven from flax plant fibres which are grown in Normandy, France. Considered to create a linen of superior quality, Normandy linen is one of the softest and most luxurious linens available used to create shirts.

The Normandy region is located in northern France and is particularly suited to growing the flax plant. The area’s proximity to the ocean allows for alternating sunshine, rain and wind, while the soil in this area is nutrient dense. As a result a rich and long tradition of linen production exists in the region.



Where Does Apposta’s Normandy Linen Come From?

The Normandy linen that we use to make our shirts is sourced from the fabric supplier Albini. Albini works with Terre de Lin – the biggest linen co-operative in Europe which is renowned for the growth and extraction of fine linen which is entirely made in Europe. The process by which the linen is created is entirely natural and organic.

Alongside its excellent softness, Normandy linen is ideal for hot weather due to its ability to allow air to circulate and to wick sweat away from the body when wearing.