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All Apposta standard size and made-to-measure shirts are manufactured specifically for each customer in accordance with the information provided when the order is placed. Apposta guarantees that your shirt will be in perfect condition and assumes full responsibility for resolving any problems encountered at no extra charge.

You can feel safe in the knowledge that you will always get the perfect result you paid for.

When can I request assistance?

You can request assistance if you experience:

In every case, Apposta assumes full responsibility for resolution at no extra charge to the customer, including costs for returning the garment to Apposta and for redelivery.

How do I request assistance?

You can request assistance within 10 days from receipt of your shirt. Send your request to our customer care team from this page or email with a description of your problem. Depending on the type of problem our customer care team will tell you how to proceed.

You may only request assistance if your shirt has not be worn or washed unless otherwise stated by our customer care team.

If you are required to return the shirt you may use the original packaging or any packaging of a suitable size; we will send a courier to collect the package at your chosen address as soon as possible.

What assistance do we offer?

We will assess the best way to offer assistance depending on the type of problem: we will either alter the garment if possible or manufacture a new one. In any event, the customer will not be charged. Refunds will not be issued.