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What To Do If You Have An Issue

Find out more about what to do if you have an issue along with details of our perfect fit guarantee


What To Do If You Have An Issue

What To Do If You Have A Fit Issue

  • Check the fit by wearing the shirt with all the buttons fastened, in front of a mirror, before washing it
  • If you think there is an issue, please take a photo
  • Get in touch using our contact page describing your issue so that we can assist you

Please be aware that certain tolerances are due to the manufacturing process and the physical differences between different types of fabrics. They are considered normal in the shirtmaking industry and do not impact the look and wearability of the shirts. In general, it is considered reasonable to have a tolerance of 2%.

Changes To Your Shirt After Washing

After the first few washes at 30° shirts typically shrink by a small amount. Our fabrics have been pre-processed to reduce this behaviour. Their wearability is unlikely to change significantly after washing. Our shirt collars have been built with an extra tolerance to counter shrinkage after washing.

Read our guide on How To Take Care Of Your Shirt

What Is The Perfect Fit Guarantee?

We guarantee that you will receive your shirt(s) with the correct measurements (with reasonable tolerances) for your own unique body and the fit you have chosen. This entails that you should be able to move in your shirt without restriction. We also guarantee that the fabric and style elements (such as the collar and cuffs) are compliant with what you have ordered.

Examples of cases which are covered by The Perfect Fit Guarantee include:

  • When one or more measurements are too long, too short, too tight or too loose
  • When there are visible creases or fabric bumps caused by the shirt’s construction. Sometimes this may happen even when the measurements in themselves are correct, but some further fit adjustments are needed

In these cases the shirt will be modified or remade, free of charge with shipping included.

Under Which Conditions Do We Guarantee The Perfect Fit?

  • You have ordered your first made to measure shirt using measurements taken following our guides
  • You have ordered your first standard size shirt
  • You have ordered further shirts after an update to your measurement profile
  • You have ordered further shirts with the same size or measurements profile, but they fit considerably differently from the previous ones, beyond what is reasonably due to a different chosen fitting type or fabric

When Doesn’t The Perfect Fit Guarantee Apply?

  • Shirts that you were satisfied with either at the first try or after a remake. In these circumstances we consider the size or profile to be validated and approved
  • Shirts that are compliant with measurements of a size or profile that was considered satisfactory for a previous order

In these cases any amendments we make will incur a cost which can be discussed with our customer care team.

What To Do If You Have An Issue With A Shirt’s Fabric Or Style

If you think there is a mistake concerning the style details of your shirt, or if you think you have received a shirt with different style details than those selected for your order, first check your order history to see if the shirt is compliant with your order details.

  • Log in to your account
  • Go to ‘My Previous Orders'
  • Find the corresponding order number
  • Click ‘View All Details’

If the order is not compliant and it is our mistake, we will fix it free of charge. Otherwise we can make modifications at a cost if we are physically able to.

Get in touch using our contact page

Any Other Issues

Get in touch using our contact page