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How to Create Your Custom-Made Shirt
Elements of Your Custom Shirt
The Fabric Suppliers
How to Create Your Custom-Made Shirt
Elements of Your Custom Shirt
The Fabric Suppliers


Sea Island Cotton is one of the rarest and finest materials manufactured for shirts. Its brightness, strength, and smoothness is a result of the unique climate from which it is harvested – a region in the Caribbean. As a subsidiary of Albini Group, David and John Anderson has been cultivating and distributing its own supply from Barbados since 1822. Apposta has more than 50 fabrics all ready to customize into a bespoke shirt.

Qualities of Sea Island Cotton:

  • It’s uniquely shiny and bright, while also remaining strong due to the superior fibres.
  • The material improves with age, getting softer over time and benefitting from multiple washes.
  • The production of Sea Island cotton only equates to 0.0004% of the world supply of cotton, making it incredibly rare and in demand.

The unique climate of the Caribbean island allows for extra growth and silk-like texture of Sea Island Cotton. Since its length can reach up to 60mm, this means that it goes largely untouched when harvested and manufactured into a fabric. The location of Barbados in the Caribbean results in a growth that nurtures a consistent climate with temperature, humidity, and long daylight hours are all major elements towards producing such a fine fibre. In contrast to Egypt’s 74,000 bales of cotton produced each year, only 70 bales of Barbados Sea Island cotton are harvested annually. This is exclusively sent to David and John Anderson, with whom Apposta continues its strong partnership ensuring that customers have access to the luxury yarn.

Once David and John Anderson receives the cotton fibre, they expertly create fabrics that are unmatched in their quality. The light material is both incredibly strong and bright and is not affected by multiple washing. Therefore, shirts made with Sea Island cotton remain a good investment into the future since the fabric becomes softer over time. Apposta offers all shirts entirely bespoke and available to design with Sea Island cotton – creating the perfect shirt for a professional, elegant, and respectable wardrobe. 


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