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Shirts with Supima Cotton


Apposta offers shirts manufactured with the Supima® cotton, also known as American Pima. It is grown in California because this premium plant requires a nice long growing season in a hot, arid environment. Rather than being rain-fed, Supima cotton plants need to be fully irrigated.

Features of Supima® cotton:

  • A stronger fiber that is twice as strong as regular cotton because the longer fibers have a higher resistance to pulling, breaking and tearing.
  • It will get softer as time passes because the extra long staple fibers produce a smoother and cleaner yarn that resists pilling.
  • By absorbing the dye into the fine fiber with a deep penetration, it retains the colour better even after multiple washes.

With Apposta you can design your shirt starting from a Supima® cotton fabric, or customize one of the proposals.


Design your perfect shirt choosing a Supima® cotton