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Shirts with Giza 45 cotton


Apposta offers shirts manufactured with the Giza 45 cotton, the finest among the Egyptian cottons proposed by the Thomas Mason fabrics collection. Shirts manufactured with Giza 45 cotton are both resistant and soft to the touch.

Features of the Giza 45 cotton:

  • The high quality of the seeds, together with the best climate conditions, have created the ideal circumstances for the most valuable cotton of the world to grow.
  • This kind of cotton is generally harvested by hand, going through five different stages so that only the best cotton flakes can be chosen.
  • Only selecting the best Giza 45 cotton bales it is possible to manufacture the highest quality and most refined fabrics.

With Apposta you can design your shirt starting from a Giza 45 cotton fabric, or customize one of the proposals.

Design your perfect shirt choosing a Giza 45 cotton