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Shirts with Giza 87 cotton


The Giza 87 cotton is one of the most luxurious fabrics in the world. Apposta receives its supply from Cotonificio Albini, which exclusively collects the Egyptian cotton from Nile Delta – a region with the perfect climate for the growth of the fibre.

Giza 87 is incredibly bright and feels silky due to the origin of its cotton. It also appeals to many people as it becomes softer over time and is not affected by long-term maintenance. Therefore, this yarn from Albini is considered one of the best available. 

Unique features of Giza 87 include:

  • It has a silky and luxurious feeling due to the high-quality cotton grown in the ideal climate
  • Shirts with Giza 87 soften over time after multiple washes and long-term care
  • Since it is made from notably long fibres, it is stronger than most other materials 


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