Dressing Warm For The Winter Weather


Winter can pose many style challenges that prevent us from expressing the way we feel each day. Our initial layers become covered by heavy layers of coats, scarves, and other accessories, and may lead to creased or damaged clothing on your commute. Apposta outlines how to keep your dress sense while remaining warm over the icy period.

Our factory of more than 2000 fabrics guarantees there is a choice for everyone. Our partnerships with companies like Albini Group and Canclini allow us to offer you several materials that suit your needs. For example, our warehouse holds fabrics like Sea Island Cotton, Giza 87, or weavings like Oxford, are all designed to keep you warm over winter. Their double ply stitching ensures that every shirt wearer can add an extra layer of warmth when getting dressed each day – while remaining true to usual office convention and tradition. Whereas Poplin has a plain, flat weave, Oxford shirts are composed of a symmetrical weave. Our wrinkle-free selection explores durable and tough stitching and will withhold even the most turbulent of morning commutes - allowing you to maintain a crisp and immaculate image.

There are different options for those who normally dress more casually. For example, Twill, Flannel and Poplin are designed with checked, striped, or bold colours highlighting your individual style preferences. They have solidified their ranking as more popular fabrics in the winter due to their 2ply yarn and the high number of threads in the weft and warp. These materials are ideal for adding an extra level of insulation while keeping your elegance in line with how you usually dress. 

To complement your shirt, there are certain jackets and coats that can be added to your wardrobe to help in creating a formal yet stylish outfit. Specific decisions can highlight your personalised collar of cuff – designed by you when ordering your Apposta shirt. This can be through either the contrasting colours you show to your peers or the shape of the collar selected by you for your colleagues to see. Layering is an important aspect of dressing for warmth and provides the perfect chance to emphasise some of the unique elements of your shirt and outfit with other accessories. Contrasting the traditional white shirt with touches of colour from scarves or jackets can offer you the chance to take full advantage of the options available. 

Apposta caters to all climates and fashions around the world. Our vast selection of fabrics and materials allows you to custom-build and design the shirt to perfectly suit you and your needs. For more information, visit our specially designed collections or breakdowns of our fabrics to discover which ones will help complete you and satisfy all your needs.


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Neronote becomes Apposta

We are pleased to announce that we are changing our name. We have been searching long and hard to find a new name that represents our core values of quality and service.

That name is Apposta

Apposta (apˈpɔsta)
Italian, adverb
a. specially, on purpose
b. intentionally