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The only shirts you should take on holiday: Linen, CoolMax and non-iron


Holidays are great, but packing isn’t. Follow our short holiday-shirt guide for a slick summer getaway (and a concisely packed suitcase).

The hero of the holiday is undoubtedly the linen shirt because it vows to keep you cool in high temperatures, has a licence for looking good even when creased and is as relaxed as you can get. This should be the most casual shirt in your case, so allow yourself some pattern; a stripe or a micro floral will suffice. For summer evening dining, wear yours loose over light trousers. 


Next up is the practical one, the CoolMax shirt. Cleverly woven with a UPF factor of 50, it will protect you from the sun’s harmful rays and heat when you’re outside for long periods of time, such sightseeing. Keep the look comfortable with a band collar and tuck it into tailored shorts.




And finally, when you’re living out of a suitcase, a non-iron number is a no brainer. Turn to this trusty style for more formal occasion, such as a special dinner. Its smooth, crisp surface instantly adds a smarter feel – make sure it is woven from 100% cotton to guarantee breathability. Colour-wise, go for pink to complement your holiday glow and dress it up with navy chinos.