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We like to tell ourselves appearances don’t matter. The harsh reality, of course, is that they often do. People, whether knowingly or subconsciously, will form an initial impression of you based on the way you present yourself.

Dressing well can be the difference between acing an interview and failing to land your dream job. The clothing you choose can complement your best features, draw attention away from those that you’re less fond of and inspire confidence. Put simply, it gives you a degree of control over the way you're perceived.

From finding the right fit to choosing a signature fragrance, follow the ten rules below to ensure that you stay looking and feeling your best at all times.

Choose Quality Over Quantity

Buying cheap might seem like the obvious way to save money, but it doesn’t always work out that way over time. One good-quality garment can outlast several cheap alternatives, hence the phrase, “buy cheap, buy twice”. Where possible, buy the best you can afford, paying attention to materials and workmanship. Not only will this be less expensive in the long run, but it’s also better for the planet and the garments will look better too.

Get Suits Tailored

An inexpensive off-the-peg suit that’s tailored correctly will look better than an expensive designer one that doesn’t fit. This is why it’s imperative to have a professional handle your alterations. If you can afford it, have a tailor craft a made-to-measure suit, or failing that, have a suit in a standard size adjusted for you. The benefit of having a suit which fits correctly is that once your size is correct, it will flatter you every time you wear it.

Have A Signature Scent

Fragrance is the most important aspect of your appearance that can’t be seen. It’s an invisible accessory that signs every well-executed outfit off with an olfactory flourish. The key is to find one that works and stick to it. Colognes and perfumes can smell slightly different on different people, so experiment until you find one that suits you. Have one for spring/summer and one for autumn/winter: fresh, floral and citrusy for the warm weather, and leathery, smoky and rich for the cold weather. Be sure not to overdo it though, just a few sprays each day will suffice.

Start With Basic Wardrobe Items

Wardrobe basics are the fundamental building blocks of every outfit. Get them right and everything else falls into place. The trick is to find versatile things that you like and will use often and stock up. This way you’ll never be without the pieces that form the backbone of your wardrobe and you should always be able to make a basic outfit which looks good.

Basics that you should never be without include:

Use Colour And Pattern Sparingly

Dressing well doesn’t mean dressing dull. Colour and pattern can liven up outfits, adding character, creating a focal point and bringing looks to life. The important thing is not to overuse them. A good rule of thumb when playing with bold colours and patterns is to keep everything else you’re wearing fairly subtle (read: black or navy).

Don’t Neglect Your Shoes

It might be somewhat of a cliche, but people often say that one of the first things that they notice when they meet someone is their footwear. Whether that’s true or not, the importance of good shoes can’t be overstated. Regularly brush dirt off leather shoes and polish afterward, and use sneaker wipes for trainers to rid them off stains and superficial dirt.

Get A Shirt That Fits

Even without a tailored suit, when worn with a good pair of trousers and shoes a shirt with the perfect fit will ensure that you always look well-dressed without really trying. Gone are the days of going to a tailor to have a shirt made to measure – now you can do it all online. A custom-made shirt will ensure that you feel comfortable and confident as there will be no issue of excess fabric or sleeves which are too long or short. Similarly, a custom-made shirt ensures that your unique body shape receives the most flattering fit possible.

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