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Iconic Man: Andy Murray


Apposta’s latest Iconic Man series focuses on the world’s best tennis player, Britain’s Andy Murray. Ahead of Wimbledon 2017, we want to highlight how Murray’s focus and hard work has allowed him to achieve the great success he is enjoying today.

Aside from the famous characteristics that set him aside from most sporting players – including his constant calmness – Andy Murray always presents himself as a well-dressed and sophisticated Brit who appreciates good style. Off the court, he is often seen wearing a casual yet elegant outfit compiled of slim, plain coloured shirts often accompanied with a waistcoat or blazer. His fashion senses off the court are as strong as they are on the court when competing in the sport he loves.

We have selected Andy Murray as our Iconic Man due to the success he has achieved and the elegance he possesses in his duties out of the game. He has been named BBC Sports Personality of the year twice in three years and is often an ambassador for those who seek a career and lifestyle outside offices in the recreational space.

Apposta has crafted a shirt dedicated to Andy Murray which closely match his clothing choices. This slim fit blue shirt is a smart casual choice suitable for multiple occasions. The strong contrast in the white collar expresses confidence and strength – perfect for a player who has achieved so much success.

As summer continues and we spend more time outdoors with our friends (or sports competitors!), it is important to convey the same confidence and passion to those who inspire us.

Good luck, Andy Murray! If he wins Wimbledon 2017, Apposta pledges to make Murray a shirt in his image. 


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