Performante Sensitive®, a new stretch and breathable shirt fabric, exclusive at Apposta

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New Performante Sensitive® fabric

Performante Sensitive® is a new fabric innovated in Italy by technicians who noticed a need for a fabric that offers the convenience of stretch as well as breathability. A first of its kind, it allows the wearer to move freely and as fast-paced as necessary, without worrying about restricted movement or overheating.


Comprising a high percentage of Lycra for lightness and flexibility, combined with additional technical strands, each fibre is equipped with bi-directional stretch. Working together, the agile fibres offer the fabric natural and seamless movement.

Woven in a honeycomb-like pattern, the fabric has minuscule but many air pockets for, allowing air to pass through it, promoting breathability and temperature regulation.

Performante Sensitive® is exclusive to Apposta, meaning you can’t buy it anywhere else in the world. Due to its specialist creation, quantity of this fabric is very limited. Select from white, black or navy and personalise the shirt to your exact body measurements and style needs at no extra cost.