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Yachting shirts

Yachting is all about adventure and elegance. Perfect even for city-dwellers who love to dress in a style that will whisk you away to the sea, to boats skimming across the waves and secluded marinas in welcoming bays just waiting to be discovered. Combining a casual and elegant feel, the design of our Yachting range always has a story to tell and is suitable for all ages.

Apposta's Yachting shirts are available in classic nautical colours, blues and whites, made from fabrics that are a joy to wear, with elegant blue and red detailing. They are available in solid colours or with vertical stripes. The horizontal striped "Breton" style has been inspired by the classic nautical look.

The full range refers to the iconic tradition of this casual chic style that was born among docks and spinnakers before becoming a timeless favourite, even far from the coast.

Apposta's designs can be fully personalised online, making them unique and perfectly suited to your taste. Choosing made-to-measure at no extra cost is also your guarantee of perfect wearability.

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Neronote becomes Apposta

We are pleased to announce that we are changing our name. We have been searching long and hard to find a new name that represents our core values of quality and service.

That name is Apposta

Apposta (apˈpɔsta)
Italian, adverb
a. specially, on purpose
b. intentionally