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Need to keep cool and stay looking sharp in warmer weather? The best men’s linen shirts will earn a place in your summer wardrobe for many years due to their style, durability and versatility. Linen fabrics not only keep their wearer cool, but also offer sophisticated style. This guide will help you find your ideal linen shirt style. It also lists the fabric’s benefits and offers shirt care and styling tips. No men’s summer wardrobe is complete without one.

The Best Men’s Linen Shirts to Try

Here’s a list of our best men’s linen shirts. All of our shirts are custom-made in Italy. All personalisations (including made-to-measure sizing) are available at no extra cost.

White Band Collar Linen Shirt

Crafted using plain weave Canclini fabric, this white band collar linen shirt is versatile. A pocketless chest together with the band collar creates a modern, minimal feel.


How to Wear It

Casual Cool

Pair the shirt with relaxed sand chinos or mid-wash blue jeans. Neatly roll up the sleeves for a laid-back vibe and finish the look with white low-top sneakers.

Smart Summer

For a more dressed up look, wear this shirt with tailored cotton trousers in a shade such as navy or dark beige. Add brown leather sandals or loafers to complete your outfit.


Yellow Spread Collar Linen Shirt

This shirt is crafted from pale yellow fabric sourced from the Canclini mill. It has a spread collar, versatile round cuffs and lustrous mother-of-pearl buttons.


How to Wear It

Smart Casual Summer

Embrace this shirt's summery shade by pairing it with beige shorts or trousers. Add a pair of suede slip on espadrilles to create a smart casual, beach-ready look.

High Contrast

Combine this shirt with navy chinos or dark-wash jeans. Add brown leather accessories such as a belt and a watch. A pair of brown suede chukka boots or Chelsea boots are appropriate footwear for this outfit.


Green Normandy Linen Shirt

This green shirt is made from luxurious Normandy linen, which originates from France. The semi-spread collar, angled cuffs and pocketless chest create a minimal, versatile design.


How to Wear It

Earth Tones

Pair the shirt with beige or cream chinos for a sophisticated look based around earth tones. Add brown leather accessories and shoes, such as a plaited belt and a pair of penny loafers, to complete the look.

Evening Sophistication

Try wearing this green shirt with black cotton trousers for a smart evening look in the heat. Add black leather sandals to finish this outfit.


Blue Band Collar Shirt

This blue band collar shirt is crafted from luxurious denim weave Normandy linen. The shirt's fabric comes from the esteemed Thomas Mason mill. Features such as a band collar, angled cuffs, and a left chest pocket create an informal design.


How To Wear

Colour Contrast

On bright, warm days, contrast the blue linen denim with cream linen trousers. Add a pair of black penny loafers to keep the look feeling smart.

Summer Workwear

For hot days in an office, try wearing this linen shirt tucked into mid-grey linen trousers. Finish your look with a pair of tobacco coloured suede Derby shoes.


Purple Stripe Linen Shirt

This pale purple stripe linen shirt can add a subtle pattern to warm weather outfits. The cutaway collar with short points adds a contemporary feel. Round cuffs add versatility while lustrous mother-of-pearl buttons provide timeless sophistication.


How to Wear

Summer Casual

Combine this shirt with crisp white linen trousers or chinos for a summer-ready look. Opt for brown leather sandals or white sneakers to complete the outfit.

Weekend Pattern

Try tucking this shirt into mid-wash denim jeans for a weekend casual look. Finish your outfit with low-top white sneakers for a laid-back yet stylish look.


What Are the Benefits of Linen Shirts?

Linen, derived from the flax plant, is a fibre which has been used for textiles for centuries. It has many desirable properties.


Linen's breathability is due to its hollow fibre structure. The fabric's slight stiffness keeps it away from your skin, allowing for airflow. That's why linen shirts for summer are so popular.


Linen softens with wear, so your linen shirt should feel even more pleasant to wear as it ages.


Linen is stronger than cotton. When properly cared for, linen shirts can last for many years.

Eco Friendly

Linen is a more sustainable fabric choice than cotton. This is because the flax plant does not consume as much water when growing.


Linen is highly absorbent and is able to wick away moisture from your skin.

Quick Drying

Linen dries significantly faster than cotton after getting wet.


Linen drapes pleasingly, creating a flattering silhouette. Its natural fibres also create a subtle, textured look that will add visual interest to your outfit.


Types of Linen Fabric For Custom-Made Shirts

We offer 3 distinct types of linen fabric which you can use to make your own custom-made linen shirt.

Pure Linen

Pure linen fabric is lightweight, durable and breathable. Its high absorbency wicks away sweat from the body. We source our premium linen from renowned suppliers such as Albini and Canclini.

Normandy Linen

Normandy linen fabric, renowned for its luxurious softness, originates from Normandy, France. The flax plants used to make this fabric thrive in the region's rich soil and unique climate.


Cotton-linen blend fabric combines the softness of cotton with the breathability of linen. This fabric blend is cooling and less prone to wrinkling than pure linen.


Types of Men’s Linen Shirts

Formal Linen Shirts

Formal men’s linen shirts can be worn for occasions such as weddings or business events.

Smart Casual Linen Shirts

Smart casual linen shirts can be worn to retain sharp style in hot weather.

Casual Linen Shirts

Casual linen shirts are ideal for days when keeping cool in the heat is your main priority.


Choosing the Sleeve Length for Your Linen Shirt

Consider your climate, intended use, and personal style preference when deciding the best sleeve length for your linen shirts. Long sleeve linen shirts offer more versatility and can be dressed up or down. They tend to look smarter. Short sleeve linen shirts provide maximum coolness on the hottest days. They tend to look more casual. 


Choosing the Right Colour Linen Shirt

Neutral Colours


Neutral colours work well for a variety of situations, either formal or casual. White, beige, black and navy linen shirts are considered neutral. They can easily be worn with lightweight tailoring, jeans, chinos or shorts.

Pastel Colours


Pastel (desaturated) colour linen shirts are versatile. They can appear smart or casual depending on the hue. For a more formal look pastel colours (such as pale blue, pale green and pale pink) can be worn with a navy or cream suit. They can be worn in a more casual manner with a pair of tan chinos or black shorts.

Saturated Colours


Vibrant colour linen shirts (such as bright orange or deep purple) are typically casual. They’re best suited for daytime activities in hot weather. These shades of linen shirts work well on hot weather holidays.


How To Care For Your Linen Shirt

The best men’s linen shirts are strong and durable, but you should follow these tips to keep your shirt looking its best.



Do Linen Shirts Wrinkle Easily?

Yes, linen's natural fibres can crease more easily than other fabrics such as cotton. Consider a cotton-linen blend fabric for reduced wrinkling.

Are Linen Shirts Comfortable?

Linen is known for its breathability, softness, and ability to wick away moisture. The fabric's drape also means that it sits away from your body.

Can Linen Shirts Be Worn for Formal Occasions?

Yes, choose a white linen shirt with a classic point collar. You can wear it as you would wear a white cotton shirt with a suit.

Read our linen fabric guide and Normandy linen fabric guide to learn more about this type of material.

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